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My name is Valerie Dickinson-Phay.  It's hyphenated because I think a lot of my family and especially of my father who was an attorney.  I worked in his law office growing up and later was a deputy clerk in the Glendale Municipal Court.  The traffic division.  After  I had what I would call a "close encounter" with a woman with a weapon at the bail window, I transferred to Small Claims.  Between the "discussions" at the dinner table with my brothers and my dad and the time I spent in the courtroom as a deputy clerk, I realized I had a gift for arguing.  Not in the disrespectful, hateful way.  Whenever there was a topic I was interested in, or a cause I cared about, I was right there to defend it.  Staying on topic, advocating my claim and providing the proof to back up my case was exciting and challenging.  

A degree in Respiratory Therapy with a background in Journalism ( I was editor of the Cerro Coso Community College Coyote or Fifth Cee) has provided me a wonderful  opportunities for careers in both Respiratory Therapy and Real Estate.  I didn't start out to succeed in the three "r's".   Respiratory, Real Estate and 'Riting (journalism writing led me to music writing).  When I was twelve I told the career counselor I wanted to be a Rancher, Journalist and have a horse and a jeep.  Well, I've had all and more!

In the 1980's we were selling our house in Sylmar.  I thought our house was worth so much and told our agent so.  She objected, but listed it for such.  Within a couple of weeks we had a couple of offers.  We countered back and told the agents that we were firm.  My husband then was SO UPSET!!!  He thought we should have just taken one of the offers.  All night long I kept playing it over in my head and kept saying yes! this is right.  The next day while I was working at the hospital I got the call which told me our offer was accepted!!  Let me tell you I felt like I'd been playing poker all night.  Now, I was hooked!  I got my Real Estate License, 2 years after I got my Respiratory license.  LOL..

Working for other brokers I experienced some frustration, but I did learn from each of them.  Some good stuff, some other stuff and had some adventures in showing property, writing contracts and PRESENTING OFFERS and COUNTER OFFERS.  Now you see where I'm going with this.  I LIKE people and helping coordinate efforts to get them what they want.  Here is where the "arguing" comes in.  If you've known the big families you know how LOUD everyone can get and how emotional they can get.  However, you know that they LOVE each other and have loyalty to each other.  That's how I feel about the real estate business.  I am YOUR advocate.  I am your REALTOR.

Valerie Phay

Well a little about myself, I’m a partner at Lancaster Realty. My partner is the most knowledgeable and honest Broker I have ever met ,and has taught me from the beginning. (confidence).  In life, it seems the classroom in working and life started with working for my father.  He owned his own stone quarries and was a fine stone mason. We would start to work at dawn and work ‘till sunset; then go home and work on estimates and contracts. I was taught to work hard on an estimate, give a fair price and not back down. I was delivering truck loads of material by the time I was 16 . By the time I was 20 I was running masonry projects. Pops passed away in 1976 and I started running the business. I still have my state license.  Along the way I was involved with some other endeavors. I  was a member of the Steamfitters Union for 27 years and was an elected officer for ten years. On the side I was owner and operator of a Limousine company. Enough said. (work ethics). I work hard for every client , I will not do anything underhanded or misleading.  I can look any man in the eye. Old school.  (honesty).   

Confidence +Work Ethics+ Honesty=Success

Mark Phay

PS - check out this video that Valerie and I shot, it's Antelopes in the Antelope Valley!