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Lancaster Realty - 3 Tips for Securing Your Dream Home

When you are walking up to it, sometimes even when you drive up to it, you just KNOW it's the one.   The sense of feeling "right" for you and your family.  Visualizing where you will put furniture and even laughing maybe at the idiosyncrasies that make it feel all the more yours. But.....before you find your dream home you need to takes steps to ensure that it can be a reality, not just  a dream.

Step 1.  Get Pre-approved for a Loan!  Shopping without a pre-approval is like shopping with no money & having to put the item back on the shelf.   When you find the right house you want to be ready to tell the seller, I'm serious!  I'm pre-approved. Also, you want to know what you can REALLY afford.  You make think you can pay $2,000 a month but the lender may not and you won't get the loan.

Step 2.  Don't walk away from a property because the paint colors are wrong or it doesn't have RV access or a pool.  If it has ROOM for those items and you can hire a painter and the house may be just right.  The bigger picture of what you NEED, like bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen size and garage should be your baseline for considering homes.

Step 3.   When you make an offer, keep it simple and let the seller know what he can expect to NET.  If you are asking for CLOSING COSTS & repairs and another buyer isn't you may lose out because even though you are offering the seller the same $ amount, the seller is getting less altogether. 

We know the Antelope Valley Area and we know homebuyers.  Let us work for you to find and capture your dream home.   Valerie & Mark Phay