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Lancaster Realty - Antelope Valley Fair

The AV Fair has come and gone again!  If you missed it this year put it on your calendar for next August.  You have to go at least once.  I most likely will be going every year as I find something new every year.  Also, with my granddaughter counting on me to take her on the rides (at a full gallop the whole time, racing from one ride to the next) as long as she wants me to I’m game.  This year I went on some kind of a “flyer” ride.  You have to lay on your stomach and rest your forearms on the handles as you pretend to  soar through the air.  So it was different.  I like to encourage Gracie to try anything at least once (of course this means I’ve got to do it) and she doesn’t seem to have any fears of heights.  She even was on the climbing wall with me!  This flyer ride was funny (see picture) because my legs are hanging off about 2 feet.  You’ll notice the other picture of the height requirement poster.  No maximum is mentioned.  You can’t really tell if you’ll fit until they lock you in and it’s that point you realize you are uncomfortable.  This child was running from this ride to that ride, not taking a break, sweating and smiling & laughing the whole time we were there.   The wristband pre-sale is a bargain and I will do it again next year.  My son-in-law had Gracie ride a sheep.  She said, “I’m not doing it next year, or the next year or ever again!” .